Great Chain of Being

NEVER at rest in Dasein, I endeavor method to cope:
STAVE off malaise by contemplating life’s smaller scales.
LOUSE, humble, despised, but a live link in being’s chain.
QUALM lingers. My own link so proximate to louse.


FOYER: 4 am, detectives gathered.
PRONE body motionless. Cameras click.
STERN presences all; a death is never just itself, meaning: sweat
SHEEN on faces in bad lighting is of over work, but also recognition.


RABBI, hiding at forest’s edge, watching pogrom’s smoke.
SUING for justice a bitter thought; none would take the case.
RISEN in his mind are God’s angels, appearing for the scattered.
SWOOP down, Michael and Gabriel: proclaim God our protection!

Blooms to come

DROLL, a hard start to a poem, describing thoughts well along in growth.
ROCKY ground for germinating verse plant; it would not have gone
AMISS had the the seed word been
SPICE, setting up a sensory burst at the start. As it is, blooms are in the offing.

Early Oddness

PASTE: something some children furtively eat, with no idea why,
FATTY, not yet a concern to the omnivorous child, and
TWICE as hard later to be thoughtful about consumption, for
SIGHT dominates our appetites—reflective faith must be born later.