The Mourner

BASIN in the backcountry often the site of

BAWDY activities not sanctioned by the park service, yet

REEDY bankside now quiet and holy where

VIGIL is held by solitary mourner healing slowly.

Two Births

BASIN of myrrh for Pharaoh’s child,
BAWDY celebration of succession.
REEDY hiding place, by contrast: a basket.
VIGIL from the bank, every breath the celebration here.


TABBY thinks herself goddess of the apartment,
SIXTY strides through all the rooms,
NORTH wall cool in summer,
NERVES of all must be tempered, she does not like a fuss.

Note: a day late (these were the 12/29 words), due to a diverting little winter cold or flu.


CRAFT fair. Baubles without substance.
GAUDY trinkets, trifles, whatnots, and
PRISMs: imitation rainbows. I sneer,
SCORN the tinsel tawdry.