COUCH bears the weight of a thousand stories,

APRON passed down generations, hung up while

BROTH from long forgotten provenance simmers: all just a

TITHE of tithes of the stories to tell.

Bad Buffalo

BISON playing Quordle, sees the word

BOTCH, and does a double take thinking it was a word

ABHORrent to the bovine community, and with a

GLINT in his deeply black eye he ponders transgressive obscenity.


CHOCK full of nonsensical aphorisms, adages, and
MAXIMs, Terry drove people crazy with
LOOPY wisdom like “The early bird catches the football” and
“ERODE to nowhere is better than erode to Baltimore.”

Root Canal

MOLAR more painful than yesterday? Maybe.
MARRY thoughts of dental torture with playing hooky,
OPTICs that no one will see through as my
DROLL dentist makes jokes about drilling into nerve endings.


ANNOY me with your influencer vibes, why don’t you?
FLUSH with cash from targeted ads, I see you there sprawling on that
ISLET with the yacht in the background and the champagne in the foreground,
AWAKE with the knowledge that you, truly, are influencing.TM