Turbo Needs To Go

ANNOY me no more! I shall
ELECT a new word in your place, less
STALE, less ubiquitious, less you,

Note: of all the words to have the highest frequency in DQP, turbo ought not be it: 6 times as of yesterday.


ANNOY me at your peril. I’m your legally
ELECTed representative. No matter how
STALE my policies, or my views, my
TURBO-charged charisma will see me through.

Love your enemy

CHAFE at unfair treatment from the world’s biggest
CHEAT. I’d like to see him dropped into the world’s biggest
GULLY! Except that, as a believer in the
RISEN Christ, it’s better to heap coals on his head instead!  

[If I had another line, I might have added ‘LOL’…

North by Northwest

GULLY scarred in the field, yet corn
RISEN in my face, block view–almost fell in. Would
CHAFE at the obstacle, but biplane drones from behind, reminds: I’ve more to
CHEAT than topography, heart in my throat, lungs heaving, legs jellied.

Still of biplane over cornfield from movie North by Northwest.


BEGAN my longed-for meal, set alfresco, when
BELCHED around me, a vast intense excited
CROWD spreading cockroach-like across the pristine
GRASS. I stood, appalled, thought, ‘I have to
LEAVE, and leave my food here, or be overrun.’ A
MEALY-mouthed louse of a man pointed at my meal. ‘I
REUSE food scraps, convert them into art. I’ve been
SHOWN in galleries worldwide. Hence the crowd of fans.’

The Loner

GRASS overgrown, windows drawn, a

BELCH from within all that notifies the

CROWD that someone still leaves here,

SHOWN to be a lonely man with lonesome ways.