Over Prescribed

OPIUM-based medicament, over prescribed in greed,
CHOCK to soul’s agency, arresting wheels of life’s motion,
HORDE of the spiraling, compounding suffering with despair,
CYNIC watches cash-in for enslavement, nods: humanity at work.

Yield, Winter

SLUSH all around, winter’s dirty dregs building into plea:
YIELD, winter! Make way for dappled sun, mild breezes,
REVUE of flowers blooming, color palette restored,
REPELling grays and closed horizons of winter blues.

Life’s Limits

FUZZY dreams lingering at dawn, head seems filled by
PLIER of counterfeit visions; vapors yet have such pull.
AWAKE, I face narrow choices, each made without
RESET or redo. Fluid dreams give way to life’s limits.