BANAL hours, weary days, self rarely sending
FORTH tendrils of curiosity or joy or longing. The turn to
BOOZE, with moments that briefly lighten, but
UNSET the anchor, soul ship drifting into banal hours, weary days.


EASEL: this one is about painting, the glorious
STAIN of colors slowly spreading as the work proceeds. Now we
DODGE something, a jarring word,
THONG—we weren’t planning to discuss underwear.


I’ve led a life that’s black and white BANAL –
so cheesy – women, drugs and BOOZE;
but now I choose to change henceFORTH:
I’m off into a joyous Cinerama sUNSET.     

Safari dreaming

SHOWY beasts beheld on the steppe, striped and bounding, then a
LAGER under the stars, dreaming a time of tribal
CHANT, of hunting to subsist, of nature’s bounty, its
FAUNA seeming the sum of all curses and blessings.

The Great Outdoors

WORSE for wear after long trek through woodlands
FAUNA haunted, so rarely slept for long, now finally enough water,
SPOUT of fountain signalling society’s every benefit.
FREAK-thoughts they seem, to brave the wilds, when offered clean water instead.

Preeminence of Soup

ONION, potatoes, broth, and barley,
SHONE to hungry minds at day’s end, beckoning from a hut on a
KNOLL. Thus, a meal might
PARRY strife, soup binding what dissolves our ties.

A Sailor’s Life

BEZEL lets a glint of starlight fall on compass.
MEALY food awaits after his watch, and then
SLUNG deep in the airless hold, a bad night’s sleep.
FREER on land he muses, though once the sea seemed wild and free.