LATER, after visits to the
SALON, after the manufactured
MIRTH has faded, then the
GRADE-A misery sets in.


GRADE the roads for the regent’s arrival; his
SALON must be prepared. The night’s
MIRTH could cement peace now;
LATER, the diplomats can sort out the details.

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The Social Network

LATER generations might miss its role, obscured by form:
SALON, early social network, proto strewer of high
GRADE untruths. Yet also: a mimetic source to spread
MIRTH, witty contagion countering human gloom.


LORRY, if suddenly coming at you, soon to
GNASH you into a wall, like angry teeth, one fell
SWOOP—don’t ask “why not a truck?”
EXIST! Evade! No time to muse on dialects.

An Odd Fish

COWER in kitchen till last moment, forced to serve calamity:
TURBO, misspelled fish adrift on chef’s menu. Shaking proffer to
DUCHY’s puffed up Duke, grown splenetic, long time since famous
PARKA worn in expedition, when he worked for the attention sought.