Whither Turbo

TURBO, this if your third appearance; first time, I did
STRAY, redirect you to TURBOt, mispelled fish. Second time, forgoing
FRILL, I invoked your sense of speed. Perhaps, next occasion, I won’t
CLOWN, and wield you for an engine, if poesy can there be found. Perhaps.

Note: I tagged this with a tag, “meta”, which can be used to point at Quordle poems that go meta (i.e. they speak to mechanisms or the history of DQP itself–reflecting on the act of using words in a Quordle poem, say, or on the process of participating in DQP). The tag can be browsed at https://dailyquordlepoem.com/tag/meta/. Also, there is a “tag cloud” at the bottom of DQP’s web pages. The size of a tag shows you how often a tag has been used. This is what it currently looks like:

What the tag cloud at the bottom of DQP looked like on February 11, 2023.