Gate to the Future

GROUTs peered at in cup’s bottom reveal what future?
SPURT of fateful activity, but where, who, to whom?
TOWEL from Hitchhiker’s I might as well wrap round my eyes.
A GATE to the future is every moment, and all I know is stepping through it.

Note: Some days you go lateral with the words.

Rage Cleaning

GROUT subject to furious scrubbing in a

SPURT of bathroom cleaning with Magic Eraser,

TOWEL, and loud cursing. Not even

AGATE sculptures in art museum given such attention.

The Path to Former Glory

ERODE in pursuit of former glory that glory’s every institution:
STATE’s purpose to smoothe out faction by orderly succession.
WACKY quacks in bombast push to fore for faster diminution.
TASTY! cheered satirists then, who now groan from such oppression.