Ear Worm

DITTY stuck in my head, like a
BARGE, moving but not seeming to.
CANON says such songs must be bad, but
GOLLY, I like it despite myself.

The Library of Alexandria

FILTH litters the halls and courtyards, all
TRACE of its former glory gone.
STONY faced librarians, not jobless, finger the odd
FOLIO that managed to escape consumption.

[This one inspired by the most recent Rest is History episode.]

Bad Chemistry

IONIC bonding, molecular weights: such things
DAUNT me more than asking out Alicia Stevens, so I
BRIBE Simon Grandfield to help get my grade
NORTH of a C-.

Red Flag

REPEL or attract? With her, it’s the
MANOR in which she criticizes my spelling and blows her
MONEY on dictionaries to make her point, a
ZESTY personality that I find to much.