Like button problem fixed

April 15: Update: FIXED!

April 12: A plugin update has caused a problem where the like button which is placed below posts now shows up twice. I probably won’t have time to diagnose and fix until the weekend, FYI.

Quordle Word Stats!

I recently completed uploading all my Quordle poems since I started (April 23, 2022). Since I covered every day, this also gave me the opportunity to generate a “words” post for every day since then through yesterday’s words (Jan 23, 2022), which is 9 month’s worth of words. See this category for the words posts. That means we now have a record of all the words that have come up so far. I put the data in a spreadsheet, for those who are interested. Available here.

We’ve had :

  • 1104 words altogether (at four a day)
  • 4 occurences of one word, “DRIER”–it occurred on 4 separate days, so far.
  • 3 occurrences each of nine words, including a personal favorite, “DUCHY”, but also “WRECK”, “POUND”, “MAGMA” “KNOCK”, “CLOSE”, “CIRCA”, “BURST”, “BEGIN”.
  • 2 occurrences each of 119 words.
  • 1 unique occurrence of 835 words–these have only appeared once so far.

Tag your favorites

This is the rare non Quordle poem post. I have been gradually transferring my Quordle poems from Twitter to here (my “back-catalog”; I’ve only 53 days left that have not been transferred, spanning from when I started in April last year till now). This also means we will have documented the full set of Quordle words for each day starting from them–I’ve been doing those as I go.

In any case, I’m finding that I actually like some of mine in a more permanent way, so I have been tagging them with a tag “ohthatwright-fav”, or

The point in mentioning this is to say:

if you’d like to tag your own favorites, please do! I think everyone can create a tag, but if you cannot, just let me know somehow, and I will create a tag of your choosing for you.

Also, if there is any help you wish with features of WordPress, please let me know. I can quickly orient you on how to do things. It’s a much better long term home for your creations, because it has so many more features.

For example, did you know we have a search box at the bottom of the page?

Cheers, and I would love for others to use tags to point out your poems that stood out to you!