Quordle Word Stats!

I recently completed uploading all my Quordle poems since I started (April 23, 2022). Since I covered every day, this also gave me the opportunity to generate a “words” post for every day since then through yesterday’s words (Jan 23, 2022), which is 9 month’s worth of words. See this category for the words posts. That means we now have a record of all the words that have come up so far. I put the data in a spreadsheet, for those who are interested. Available here.

We’ve had :

  • 1104 words altogether (at four a day)
  • 4 occurences of one word, “DRIER”–it occurred on 4 separate days, so far.
  • 3 occurrences each of nine words, including a personal favorite, “DUCHY”, but also “WRECK”, “POUND”, “MAGMA” “KNOCK”, “CLOSE”, “CIRCA”, “BURST”, “BEGIN”.
  • 2 occurrences each of 119 words.
  • 1 unique occurrence of 835 words–these have only appeared once so far.

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