Saturday morning serials

AGENT – I could tell he was wrong by the suit –
CLASHed with me. I brought to the fore all my skills, but the
KNAVE was more skilled. He mashed my face, the brute, and NUDGEd me closer to the edge. I was about to be killed… 

Lobby card for the American serial film A Lass of the Lumberlands (1916).

If anybody can, the pecan can

PECAN has the highest fat content of any vegetable product;
PLANT them by the dozen in my garden then,
PURGE my body of tasteless, wasteful low fat vegetables,
STAKE my pecan plants high, multiply them by ten!          

Emőke Dénes

Here, but not

AGILE I ain’t, with the years piling up, and sitting
AMONG youngsters yahooing soon sends me off for a kip,
FLINGing away care to the soothing arms of the sandman, no SOUND disturbing the distant reaches of my oblivious brain.

Can’t be biffed

DODGY as dogs not on a leash are those who are
LOATH to the idea of keeping their brute in check, their
MACHO approach to dog-walking cavalier, and as for poo,
WHILE they pick it up if it suits them it mostly doesn’t suit.

Photographer not listed

All in a morning’s work

CANAL, after its flood-washed clean, wears a
SHEEN not seen since Adam’s boyhood: the
STEADy hand of God has scoured the side-skins to
UNITE the duct’s fresh grace with its pasture’s broad embrace.      

For posterity

The Pirate Captain bangs his GAVEL;
the crew prod the blindfolded victim forward onto the PLANK.
‘Stop!’ shouts the chief, you’ll SPOIL
the photo. Stand up straight and don’t STOOP.’

Walking the Plank: this was originally published in Pyle, Howard (August–September 1887). “Buccaneers and Marooners of the Spanish Main”. Harper’s Magazine.


DULLY, with a kitbag, ‘neath the boiling sun, I sweat
FORTH to go where men will pounce on an
OUNCE of gold, and soon I hope to set my
STAMP just west of north, in a dry-bed gully.

In early spring 1898, an estimated 10,000 gold seekers were camped on the shore of Lake Bennett waiting for the ice to clear. They assembled their supplies and built boats and scows to take them down the Yukon River. Until the railroad was completed in 1900, Bennett continued to be a major jumping off spot for the Klondike gold fields.


The woman brushes past my sleeve, the FLIRT!
My heart rushes, as if to leave my chest, to FLOAT!
And like the moon, now blushing, waned or WAXEN,
Is crushed to see she weaves towards another. Fickle WOMAN!

The Flirt by Karl Witkowski