Ah, cruel fate!

SUITE was tiny, my stay not helped by the
TRUNK being undeliverable. Ah,
CRUEL fate! Even though I don’t travel
ALLOT, I still have the worst traveller’s tales.

Son of Ozymandias

CRUEL does the sun beat down on desert sand.
TRUNK of stone, legless, headless–giant–stands,
SUITE of servant figures small and toppled round.
ALLOT him but little thought: he’s also in the ground.

Cozy Saturday

IDEAL winter Saturday: spent home, warm, listening to
CHESS records, Etta James perhaps.
SHADY spot in summer is the inverse for comfort, but in winter it’s
SHAWL wrapped and cozy, with a soundtrack from yesteryear.


BOBBY, with considerable difficulty, removed the
STAIN – or so he thought. Pulling it out of the
DRIER he discovered the stain wasn’t gone, merely