MAGMA is not; a blazing red and orange shimmering force
SLIMEs its way towards us while someone screams on the


RATTY twists among the cargo,
TWICE twists and thrice turns,
CARGO free for such as Ratty;
TWISTs twixt holds, bows and sterns.

War music

THRUM I in a kind of hum,
CHASE away the sounds of drum,
CROWD turns pale to hear the
CONCH which brings to surface all their fear.

Pirate dialogue

‘DRAFT, there’s a draft! Close the door!’
‘LEANT on it, sure I did. Blew open once more.’
‘A(h), ZURE, that’s what ya always swore.
ARRAY wif ya! I’ll see ya no more.’


RAJAH, with care, opens the jar;
COBRA pokes his head out, just so far;
PIXIE sets the snake to bite the mare’s
SHANK, which raises all the rajah’s fears.