Early Oddness

PASTE: something some children furtively eat, with no idea why,
FATTY, not yet a concern to the omnivorous child, and
TWICE as hard later to be thoughtful about consumption, for
SIGHT dominates our appetites—reflective faith must be born later.


SCENE! Filming The Tempest’s opening, tenth reshooting of the doomed ship.
BLARE of safety horns, summons for weary actors to assume their stations,
BRINE-soaked, weakly, starting to
INFER that the world’s an ocean, and we its swimmers, soon to drown.


CANON, a song of timed entries, weaving of sounds, staggered, yet same.
FAUNA, scurrying through burrows and hollows, for food and sleep.
FLEET, slipping from bay to channel, then on guard, sweeping the main.
SMITH, these patterns for muse, seeking to hammer order from fire.