Bad Jump

HARSH, black space—survey craft appears from jump.
SHORT peace, then crew alarms, sensors blare.
KAPPA may be constant, but tensor here shows local space evilly curved,
SOBERest of questions: far enough from black hole to claw away?


    1. Thanks! I was looking for uses of Kappa in science and found it in Einstein’s field equation for general relativity. (That it’s in the equation and that it multiplies a stress energy tensor is the full sum of what I understood. That one sentence says all I know). Then I was off and running . . .

  1. I think if I’d used these words in a Quordle poem, I’d have gone for something along the lines of, KAPPA, can someone give me a kappa tea?
    Apart from that, I don’t know what a KAPPA is…LOL

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