FLAIR for study, for depth of thought, yet frail to fear.
EVOKEs question, how will you age, will you thrive?
OTTER: clever, bold, and playful. Will the
WRIST that swishes spells also grow into an otter’s paw?

Note: for those whose cup of tea the Harry Potter books are not, Hermione is one of the most important characters in the books. Her magical patronus animal–a creature that can help in dire circumstances, and which often has a deep and complexly symbolic relationship with its individual–is an otter. Will Hermione grow fully into what the otter represents? She is fiercely smart, clever in the best sense. But bold and playful are not so much her strengths.


MURAL (I mean Muriel) lies snoring on the
COUCH. That proboscis provides a symphonic
ORGAN recital, all stops out. So loud is the level that
it’S HEARing-impaired registration only.  

Jungle Politics

SHEAR Khan, machine boss, is

ORGAN of machiavellian ward politics.

MURAL depicting his many victims

COUCHes neighborhood’s sketchiness in gentrifying aesthetic.

Jump Scare

ORGAN ominously plays Toccata and Fugue in the background––
COUCH-bound and entranced by the horrors lurking, obvious and unnoticed as a
MURAL that’s become nothing more than graffiti. Then the screams
SHEAR through the glass dividing there and here.

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