Lovers’ tiff?

‘Hang it all, that makes me ANGRY.
Surely even you must be AWARE
that a stone’s value is known by its CARAT.
Plainly there is an infinite CHASM
of understanding between us; you a CHARD,
a plain green vegetable; me a CHILI
full of fire, tied to Reason as a CLEAT,
always, always ready and EAGER
for further knowledge, a star-GAZER,
no slave at Reason’s table, but a GUEST.’

Have you finished? So full of GUILE,
so manipulating, a hero in the GUSTO
of your own dire pride. Haven’t you HEARD
that your name is whispered at the KIOSKs,
your reputation has been KNEED
in private places, your fury needs a LEASH
to hold it, and that you are LOATH
to admit to the least fault. LUCID
I may not be in thinking, but LUCKY
am I not to be linked to a METRO-
sexual of your ilk, a man so NOISY
his brain chugs like a gluggy PUREE.
Not a single place of QUIET
resides there. WorSE, DAN
Cupid, bored, sits lonely in the SHADE
while shattered lovers fade upon the SHELF,
tarnished where once they SHONE.’

‘My love, my standard deviation, my SIGMA.’


  1. Thanks, Dave. It’s certainly an interesting challenge. I did some poetry-writing some years back where you were given the task, for example, of using a bunch of random words (including one that wasn’t actually a real word) and forming a poem from them. While this doesn’t always work, it can draw out some surprisingly interesting ideas – the challenge of the Quordle words is the same, even more so when there’s a big bunch of them!

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